With the support of others, we can achieve far more than we could alone.

The Association of Child Protection Professionals exists to help children by supporting the professionals who work with them. In fact, we are the only organisation specifically devoted to supporting child protection professionals and researchers in the field.

We have a small budget but a big mission - to improve the lives and safety of children by providing research, representation, training and support for those involved in child protection.


Donate to the Association of Child Protection Professionals and help us support those whose job it is to protect our children.

Perhaps you work in child protection yourself or have recently retired and want to help support others in the field? Perhaps it is a cause close to your heart or maybe you just want to help support those playing such a vital role in the world we live in today.  Your donation can help us to continue supporting the professionals working with children and families, by publishing high quality research, supporting member activities to share learning and develop practice, and keep running our leading conferences and CPD events at well below market rates. 

With your generous help, we can continue our work to support child protection professionals.