Wendy Thorogood, the AoCPP Chair, talks to Professor Jan Horwath about the expected and unexpected forms of neglect that practitioners can expect to see during lockdown.


Jan Horwath is Emeritus Professor of Child Welfare in the Department of Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield where she taught, researched and published for 20 years, specialising in child protection practice and management. Findings from her studies into neglect and assessment practice have underpinned assessment frameworks in England, Wales, the Republic of Ireland, Ukraine and South Africa. 

Outside of her academic appointment, Jan has worked for the Department of Health Child Abuse Training Unit and also has a background in social work practice, with a primary focus on vulnerable children and families. Jan has worked as a practitioner, trainer and manager in a range of voluntary and statutory settings both in England and New Zealand. 

Jan has published on a variety of subjects including, assessment practice, child neglect and training in social care. Her most recent publication, edited with Dendy Platt, is the 3rd Edition of the Child’s World: The Essential Guide to Assessing Vulnerable Children, Young People and their Families which was launched at an AoCPP conference in 2019. 

In her work as a child welfare consultant, Jan continues to apply research to develop policy and practice. To this end, Jan has developed an innovative systemic approach that ensures the lived experience of the vulnerable child or adult is central to decision-making. 

Wendy Thorogood is a retired Designated Nurse Consultant for children. Wendy trained at St Guy's hospital in London, specialising in child and adult nursing, intensive care and cardiac and renal transplants.

Wendy delivered the national leadership programme for safeguarding for the Department of Health and worked directly with the NHS Confederation in relation to current changes; providing assurance that current and future providers of services are compliant in relation to safeguarding national and local standards; working with Lead Commissioners and the performance team to develop agreed key performance indicators and safety metrics for providers; identifying and taking appropriate action on key risks and issues across commissioned services that may affect safeguarding of children and young people.

Wendy is currently the chair of the Association of Child Protection Professionals.

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For those listening in the future, this episode is being recorded and published while the UK (and the world) is deep in the throes of the COVID19 pandemic. Many frontline professionals are finding themselves overworked, time poor and confused as government guidance is changing daily. To alleviate the pressure child protection professionals are under, we have created the AoCPP Podcast, which will provide support to these professionals who continue to serve our country, its vulnerable children, and families, in unprecedented circumstances.