AoCPP Chair Wendy Thorogood talks to Jahnine Davis about equality, diversity and inclusion within safeguarding


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This episode is a Special Episode. In these special episodes, we take a more focused look at a singular issue that professionals working with children and families need to know about. These are often specific and urgent – so we’ll be talking with a professional at the forefront of the issue.

In today's episode, our Chair Wendy Thorogood is talking to Jahnine Davis, about equality, diversity and inclusion within safeguarding. Including the problems with its current implementation and how the safeguarding sector needs to take seriously the issue in order to better support both service users and colleagues from minoritised groups.

Jahnine Davis is the Co- Director of the Listen Up Community Interest Company which works to elevate the experience of marginalised young people in child protection and safeguarding. She is a Research in Practice Associate, leading the No Wrong Door and Complex Safeguarding training in Greater Manchester. And a Trustee for Imkaan, the UK’s only second tier organisation supporting black and minoritised women and girls who experience abuse. She also has two decades worth of experience working within children’s services both frontline and in national strategy.

Jahnine manages this while also pursuing a PhD at Kingston University. Researching the ways in which black children communicate experiences of abuse in and outside of the home.

If you would like to hear more from Jahnine about this issue, contact her at [email protected] or find her on twitter at @JahnineDavis


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