Climate Change, an Inequitable Leveller

Climate change is the greatest challenge humanity currently faces. Action to reduce fossil fuel usage, exposure to particulate matter and emissions is largely ineffective, and greenhouse gas emissions continue rising. On 14 February 2019, thousands of ‘school children’ in the UK took a courageous stance against adults’ laissez-faire attitudes to climate change by striking and demanding urgent action to stem it. Read more

Expert Domestic Abuse risk assessment on Fathers who are Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

The safety of children who experience domestic abuse within their families requires specific, evidence based, thoroughly conducted, risk assessment. However, the risk assessments I have read within reports made to the Family Courts have primarily been from the non abusive partner’s perspective. They have assessed the victims’ risk of experiencing harm, rather than including a specific, evidence based, risk assessment with the abusive parent regarding their risk of perpetrating harm. Read more