This series of one-day courses in 2020 will be delivered in partnership with Child and Family Training.

The courses are:

• The Family Assessment
• Interventions to address adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)
• The Safeguarding Children Assessment and Analysis Framework (SAAF)

The courses will be run in Birmingham, London and York in 2020.

Trainers for this event are: Carol Jolliffe and Fiona Gren

ACEs information below:

For practitioners who work with children, young people and their families to support and enhance the quality of their direct work.  Participants will be trained on using two interventions guides from the Hope for Children and Families (HfCF) series which are Modifying abusive and neglectful parenting and Working with children and young people: Addressing emotional and traumatic responses.

The HfCF series of intervention guides have been designed to address the common patterns of parenting stresses or difficulties, including abusive and neglectful parenting, and the associated impairment of children and young people’s health and development. The course will enable participants to apply the skills and methods from the two intervention guides in their work with children and families. Each participant will receive the two intervention guides and licences to use them in their work with children and families.

Dates: Tuesday 11th February in York;  Tuesday 19th May in Birmingham and Thursday 8th October in London

Payments are currently made online by card. If you require to pay by invoice then please complete the event invoice form here and a member of our team will be in touch.

Child and Family Trainer details can be found here.

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