AoCPP Practice Learning Reviews Special Interest Group.


Venue:  Metabolic training Suite Birmingham Children’s Hospital on 23 September 2019


The meeting was attended by a diverse group of 20 professionals with various backgrounds and expertise.


Audrey Scott Ryan from Shropshire Community Health presented ‘a local experience so far!’, a national review of a case.  The presentation offered a fantastic opportunity to challenge practice process and impact. It also offered the opportunity for professionals in the room to share knowledge of best practice and current challenges.

 The meeting was a place of debate where those in attendance discussed what has worked well, what can be learnt and how to sustain learning. The key learning theme was communication with reference made to the key learning in  Peter Reder’s Child Abuse Review article ‘Understanding  Communication in Child Protection Networks’.

 The group identified the main issues as the need to learn from early adopters and to ensure those in practice link with business managers going forwards. They discussed the challenges faced, such as commissioning case reviews and work capacity particularly when chairing and holding the responsibility to write the overview reports.

 One member was able to share evidence of engaging the general public through public health campaigns from serious case reviews. Videos of such examples are hoped to be shared with the group at a future meeting.


Future Practice Learning Review meetings

 This special interest group aims to hold a total of eight meetings in 2020. Four of these will be virtual meetings and four will be face-to-face. These face-to-face meetings will be held in various locations, aiming to visit the four nations.

Those who are members of AoCPP can attend free of charge. Non-members are welcome and can attend for a cost of £50. Notice of further meetings will be posted online.


Our aim is to share all aspects of learning reviews. From best practice and identifying areas for learning, to building a repository for practitioner’s and allowing all the opportunity to learn from outcomes of past cases. The group will also look to hold themed discussions when required.


We want to continue to grow this special interest group and the support it offers.

If you would like to join this SIG please  email [email protected]