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The AoCPP welcomes the Final Report of the Cass Review into the care of children and young people with gender dysphoria (link).

The safeguarding of children and young people with gender dysphoria has to be based on best practice supported by the research. The Final Report is clear that practice needs to reflect the strengths and limitations of current research and that caution is necessary in the care and treatment of the children and young people involved to ensure that they receive the best support.

The Cass Review has noted the polarisation and toxicity of the discussions around gender dysphoria and that this does not provide a helpful context for consideration of the best interests of the children and young people involved. The AoCPP holds the view that the effective safeguarding of children and young people requires open, thoughtful and respectful discussions between professionals, children and young people and their families to provide best practice in this contested area.

The Final Report is a welcome review of the evidence and the AoCPP supports the recommendations which we consider to be in the best interests of children and young people with gender dysphoria. The AoCPP would like to thank Dr Hilary Cass for her leadership in this area and for producing a Final Report that will be invaluable to all safeguarding professionals.

Our Trustee Dr Ciaran Murphy talks to the media about the tragic death of 2 year old Bronson Battersby who died by his father’s side in Skegness and has prompted a rapid review

LBC Interview - Wednesday 17th January 2024:

The Times Radio Interview - Thursday 18th January 2024:

LBC Interview - Saturday 20th January 2024:

The Association of Child Protection Professionals welcomes the publication of the revised guidance on Working Together to Safeguard Children following extensive consultation with relevant stakeholders (

The renewed emphasis in the guidance on the importance of strong multi agency partnership working across the whole system of help, support and protection for children and their families aligns with our core mission and we particularly welcome this.

Our Trustee Dr Ciaran Murphy talks to Sky News about the 19% rise in child deaths in lockdown

Trustee Kelechi Ukandu speaks to Sky News in the case of the missing baby of Mark Gordon and Constance Marten

The government has sought to address “confusion” among practitioners that is preventing them from sharing information to safeguard children at risk.

Consultative guidance issued last week is designed to address concerns that staff are not sharing information without consent, contributing to what government safeguarding advisers have dubbed the “perennial problem” of inadequate knowledge exchange in child protection cases.

Those “furthest away” from Finley Boden made decisions about him, a social work academic has said.

Speaking to Sky News, Dr Ciaran Murphy criticised the decision making that led to Finley’s return to his parents, particularly the apparent lack of weight magistrates placed on his social worker’s opinion.

Shannon Marsden and Stephen Boden are sentenced at Derby Crown Court for the murder of their 10-month-old son Finley Boden. Finley died on Christmas Day in 2020 following a campaign of abuse by Marsden and Boden, which left him with 150 injuries including multiple bone breaks, fractures, bruises, and burns.