Wendy Thorogood, Chair of the Association of Child Protection Professionals, talks to Donna Ohdedar, Head of SILP, about safeguarding reviews and how to improve review practice.


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In this episode, Wendy Thorogood, Chair of the Association of Child Protection Professionals, talks to Donna Ohdedar, Head of SILP, about safeguarding reviews and how to improve review practice.

Donna Ohdedar has 16 years of public sector experience, including her most recent role as Head of law for a leading metropolitan authority. Now a safeguarding adviser and trainer, Donna is involved in reviews in both child and adult safeguarding as well as domestic homicide.

Motivated by her ‘big mission’ to improve practice in reviews, Donna offers ‘SILP School’ her university accredited SILP review course, continuing professional development for reviewers and a free online network for leaders in review practice.

Donna’s vision is to share her work with those who want to learn more about how we lead ourselves and others in reviews, moving beyond preoccupation with process and embracing what is needed in the next phase of learning and improvement work.

Wendy Thorogood is a retired Designated Nurse Consultant for children. She trained at St Guy's hospital in London, specialising in child and adult nursing, intensive care and cardiac and renal transplants.

Wendy delivered the national leadership programme for safeguarding for the Department of Health and worked directly with the NHS Confederation in relation to current changes by: providing assurance that current and future providers of services are compliant in relation to safeguarding national and local standards; working with Lead Commissioners and the performance team to develop agreed key performance indicators and safety metrics for providers; and identifying and taking appropriate action on key risks and issues across commissioned services that may affect safeguarding of children, young people.

Wendy is currently the chair of the Association of Child Protection Professionals.


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As mentioned in the episode:
A Study of Family Involvement in Case Reviews (2012), BASPCAN.


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For those listening in the future, this episode is being recorded and published while the UK (and the world) is deep in the throes of the COVID19 pandemic. Many frontline professionals are finding themselves overworked, time poor and confused as government guidance is changing daily. To alleviate the pressure child protection professionals are under, we have created the AoCPP Podcast, which will provide support to these professionals who continue to serve our country, its vulnerable children, and families, in unprecedented circumstances.