AoCPP Chair Wendy Thorogood talks to Dr Sam Warner about bonding and attachment for new mums that have had babies born during COVID-19 and how practitioners can support them.


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This episode is a Special Episode. In these special episodes, we take a more focused look at a singular issue that professionals working with children and families need to know about. These are often specific and urgent – so we’ll be talking with a professional at the forefront of the issue.

In today's episode, our Chair Wendy Thorogood talks to Dr Sam Warner about bonding and attachment for new mums that have had babies born during COVID and how practitioners can support them.

Dr Sam Warner is a chartered and consultant clinical psychologist holding an honorary lectureship in the school of health and society at Salford University, UK.

Sam works as a consultant, expert witness, psychotherapist, public speaker, strategic adviser, trainer, writer and academic. She has over thirty years’ experience of working with children, young people and adults who have complex mental health and safeguarding needs.

Throughout her career Sam has specialised in working with the impact of abuse-trauma on the mental health of clients, focusing on sexual violence, child abuse and neglect, and domestic abuse; and in respect of related issues including attachment difficulties and personality disorders, self-harm and suicide, dissociation and psychosis, and fabricated and induced illness.

Sam is, therefore, an expert in trauma-informed practice, and how this approach can be used to guide work in safeguarding, therapy and mental health services. She has written books, papers and reports on these issues and advised at national and international levels

She also is on the Board of Trustees at the AoCPP.

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For those listening in the future, this episode is being recorded and published while the UK (and the world) is deep in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many frontline professionals are finding themselves overworked, time poor and confused as government guidance is changing daily. To alleviate the pressure child protection professionals are under, we have created the AoCPP Podcast, which will provide support to these professionals who continue to serve our country, its vulnerable children, and families, in unprecedented circumstances.