Tammy Banks, AoCPP Interim Consultant Director, talks to Warren Larkin about trauma, adversity and resilience in the context of a public health crisis.


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This episode is a Special Episode. In these special episodes, we take a more focused look at a singular issue that professionals working with children and families need to know about. These are often specific and urgent – so we’ll be talking with a professional at the forefront of the issue.

In today's episode, Tammy Banks, our Interim Consultant Director, talks to Warren Larkin, of Warren Larkin Associates, about trauma, adversity and resilience in the context of a public health crisis. They discuss Warren's Resilience Taskforce and how the AoCPP and its members can help it.

Prior to founding Warren Larkin Associates, Warren spent 24 years in the NHS working predominantly with individuals and families experiencing serious mental health difficulties, first as an assistant working on long-stay psychiatric wards, and then as Clinical Psychologist.

Warren spent five years as Clinical Network Director, responsible for Children and Families Services across Lancashire, where he was responsible for the quality and safety of care and for research and innovation. It is this experience that led to his passion for public health and prevention work.

More recently, Warren is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and a Visiting Professor at Sunderland University where he works with the Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing to develop their research programme and training curricula.

Warren has a long-standing interest in the relationships between childhood adversity and outcomes later in life and has published numerous research on the topic of adverse childhood experiences, trauma and psychosis including articles and a published book in 2006 exploring this theme.

Warren has also been involved in policy development and has acted as an advisor to a number of UK and foreign government agencies. He was a member of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services National Task Force, the NICE expert reference group on first episode psychosis, the ‘Tackling CSE’ advisory group and was a contributing author of the recently published Personality Disorder Consensus Statement.

More recently, Warren developed the Routine Enquiry about Adversity in Childhood (REACh) approach as a way of assisting organisations to become more trauma-informed and to train professionals to ask routinely about adversity in their everyday practice. He is now leading the Resilience Taskforce which is calling on the government to take seriously the mental health implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent long term effects on those who have experienced trauma during this period.

Tammy Banks is Director of Taye training and Founder of the Training 4 Influence methodology. Alongside being AoCPP Interim Director she also leads Taye training and sits on the Parliamentary Committee for Standards.

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For those listening in the future, this episode is being recorded and published while the UK (and the world) is deep in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many frontline professionals are finding themselves overworked, time poor and confused as government guidance is changing daily. To alleviate the pressure child protection professionals are under, we have created the AoCPP Podcast, which will provide support to these professionals who continue to serve our country, its vulnerable children, and families, in unprecedented circumstances.