Child Abuse review – The official journal of Association of Child Protection Professionals

Child Abuse Review  is an inter-professional journal for research, practice and policy in child maltreatment. The journal provides a forum for all professionals working in the field of child protection, providing access to the latest international research, practice developments, training initiatives and policy issues. Child Abuse Review  maintains a practice-orientated focus, actively promoting practice-relevant research and facilitating the use of research findings to enhance good practice and influence policy.

Articles are written and presented in an accessible format for an international multidisciplinary audience, including those working in the fields of child psychology, criminology, social work, social policy, paediatrics, child and adolescent psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, nursing, medical sociology and public health.

International in scope, coverage includes all forms of maltreatment, whether they occur inside or outside the family environment, inter-professional working, intervention, safeguarding and related areas of children’s rights, child care and child welfare. Each issue includes a mix of refereed research and practice papers, training updates, case studies, brief communications, book reviews and a calendar of future events.

Child Abuse Review  has remained at the cutting edge of a constantly changing field for 25 years. The journal has exposed and examined new forms of child harm such as those posed by new technology, abuse in sport and child trafficking. Innovative interventions and therapeutic approaches have been evaluated and disseminated through the journal.

The journal has been published in its current format since 1992. All past volumes are available online.