We are able to support organisations working with or for children and young people by providing a number of training courses which can be delivered on site and tailored to your setting.

We can currently offer training on:

  • Fabricated and Induced Illnesses
  • Effective supervision practice
  • Strengths-based practice

 We can also design bespoke training on a range of advanced safeguarding topics.  Please contact [email protected] to discuss your needs.


If you work with children or young people who have suffered or are at risk of suffering abuse or neglect, with families to reduce the risk of harm to children, or your role includes responsibility for safeguarding, then we have a range of courses or learning opportunities we can offer.

With more than 40 years’ experience and excellent relationships with practitioners, researchers and expert trainers across all aspects of child protection, we are able to offer a selection of training and CPD options and are always open to suggestions and happy to discuss ideas to better support those who need us.

Our recent training and event themes include (but are not restricted to):

  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Parental Mental Health
  • Witchcraft and Child Abuse
  • Serious Case Reviews


For trainers

We have been delivering high quality and academically rigorous training for many years and have an excellent reputation in the field. 

We bring an excellent understanding of advanced issues in child protection and safeguarding, knowledge of the latest research, and the experience to understand what makes a difference in practice.

If you have skills and expertise and would like to discuss joining our pool of trainers, then please get in touch. 

We also support those working in safeguarding training roles by our annual trainers’ conference and Child Protection Trainer of The Year Award, both delivered in partnership with the NSPCC.  We also run a closed Facebook group for those involved in child protection training to share ideas, issues and offer support in what can sometimes be an isolated role.