At the Association of Child Protection Professionals, we aim to have as big an impact on the companies we work with as they have on us as a charity.

As the only association dedicated to supporting child protection professionals your company can demonstrate to your customers and staff that it supports the work that these professionals do, and that child protection is an issue that your company takes seriously.

By supporting us you can help work towards our vision of a world in which all children can grow up in safety and security, and without risk of being abused or neglected.

How can you support us?

There are several ways in which you can support us.

  • Name us as your charity of the year
  • Put on a training event
  • Provide a venue for our events
  • Be a part of our international congress 2021
  • Set up a scholarship fund
  • Donate a percentage of your proceeds to us
  • Match funding /giving – encourage your staff to fundraise for us or hold a fundraising event and then match any funding made
  • Help us setup a benevolent fund
  • Sponsor an event
  • Help us celebrate 40 years at the heart of child protection with a celebratory event

How we can support you

  • We are able to offer marketing opportunities through use of our social media platforms, member and non-member newsletters
  • We can provide specifically, targeted marketing to our members in terms of profession or region
  • Include your logo on relevant branding, communications or at an event
  • Provide you the opportunity to present/speak at one of our events
  • Tickets to an event (where relevant)

Working with Association of Child Protection Professionals means supporting those working with vulnerable children - a strong message you can be part of.