The Child’s World: Good Assessment Practice in Challenging Times

 On March the 18th a conference to launch the 3rd Edition of ‘The Child’s World: Good assessment practice in challenging times’ was held in the beautiful city of York, the home of the Association of Child Protection Professionals (previously known as BASPCAN).

 The venue was packed with an eclectic mix of multi-agency professionals, from students to Professors! (As I reviewed the 100+ names on the delegate list, I realised a number of my ‘professional heroes’ were in the room!)  The conference provided a wonderful opportunity, in addition to hearing the speakers, for delegates to network with colleagues across the UK, and catch up with friends I hadn’t seen for a long time. 

It was a fast moving and packed day, with six keynote speakers. There were two interactive sessions, which are always a great opportunity (and fun!) for delegates to explore their differing views and experiences- with contact details being exchanged in order to continue the conversations later!

 The Keynote speakers, (some authors of chapters in the book) provided the delegates with the opportunity to reflect on the challenges we face daily.  A point for me was the need for us all to remember the importance of securing child focused partnerships by remembering the 6 C’s:








 As practitioners we strive to keep children safe by ensuring their needs -and their family’s-are appropriately assessed in order to achieve positive outcomes. This book will help us to do that, (the second edition of the book being one on my personal ‘go to books’). It’s a ‘Practitioners Book’, and I suppose for me, and all of the delegates the icing on the cake was to be able to go away with our ‘own copy’ of the book- as well as Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs being met with plenty of comfort breaks and a wonderful buffet lunch!


Daphne Rose

Designated Nurse

National Safeguarding Team (NHS Wales)

Public Health Wales