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AoCPP’s Practice Learning Review Special Interest Group

'Robust Reviews Using Appreciative inquiry Techniques'

9th May 2024, 12.30pm - 2.00pm

Speakers: Donna Ohdedar and Adrian Spanswick (Chair)

Rather than focusing on blame and what causes things to go wrong, appreciative inquiry focuses on what went well and what future we should aim for.  It’s a much more collaborative and strengths-based approach to change.  It doesn’t mean the analysis needed for a statutory review is any less robust. 

When practice falls short of what was expected, leaders are under pressure to demonstrate accountability.  This generally leads to more compliance measures and defensiveness.  It detracts from a focus on creating the conditions for workers to do what they do best.  Adding more recommendations and action plans creates overwhelm.  The learning experience a review offers can create a very different environment whilst still being thorough and robust.

In this session, led by Donna Ohdedar from Review Consulting, we'll be exploring the use of appreciative inquiry techniques and what that means for child protection and adult safeguarding practice. For more about this session, read this blog.