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Domestic Violence and Abuse Special Interest Group

'Learning From Reviews'

13th June 2024, 9:30am - 11:30am

Speaker: Sam Warner

Chair: Dr Michaela Rogers

Dr Sam Warner, is a chartered and consultant clinical psychologist and chair of AOCPP.

This talk is about my work with child and adult, victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse. I draw on my work as an expert witness providing whole family assessments in childcare proceedings and as a therapist, working with children who are looked after, their carers and families.

I start by setting the context in terms of reflecting on the knowledge base and how knowledge shapes our understanding of what counts as domestic abuse, and how we act to safeguard children and vulnerable adults. I then consider grooming tactics and mental health impacts, and other potential intersecting vulnerabilities.

I provide a framework for conducting whole family assessments in the family courts and provide an overview of how I work with children who are looked after, their families and/ or carers, in the context of domestic abuse.  

Association of Child Protection Professionals and National Organisation for the Treatment of Abuse Learning Week
The week is a series of 4 individual online events which can be booked separately, or you can book for all four sessions at a discounted cost.
Tuesday 18th June: Intersectionality and child protection: learning from the voices of South Asian victims/survivors of child sexual abuse

On Tuesday we continue the learning week with an engaging session by Vanisha Jassal, chaired by Professor Kieran McCartan.

Presentation title: Unheard voices of 15 South Asian victims/survivors of child sexual abuse: how an intersectional approach can help develop child protection practice for minoritised ethnic children and young people. 

Wednesday 19th June: Decolonising safeguarding practice: recognising cultural strengths as tools for a safer future

Building on the first two sessions, on Wednesday we will be led by Sarah Maindonald & Luana Swindells, chaired by Dame Lorna Boreland-Kelly.

NOTE: This session will follow earlier timings, from 9:30am to 11am BST, due to differences in time zones.

Presentation title: Cultural strengths as therapeutic tools for decolonisation: pathways to safe futures

Thursday 20th June: Promoting Cultural Diversity in Child Protection Practice: the importance of cultural competence when dealing with child sexual abuse and harmful sexual behaviour

On Thursday we will be led by Stephen Barry and Jennifer Allotey in this crucial discussion. Session chaired by Stuart Allardyce.

Presentation title: Key Language and Concepts in Promoting Cultural Diversity in Child Protection Practice: Considering the Needs of Ethnic Minority/Minoritised Communities in considering Child Sexual Abuse and Harmful Sexual Behaviour.

Friday 21st June: Safeguarding our children: exploring the impact of adultification and racism on black children

We close this learning week with a session led by AoCPP Trustee, Ann Marie Christian.

Presentation title: Safeguarding our children: exploring the impact of adultification and racism on black children. Session chaired by Kelechi Ukandu.


Pricing structure

(Bookings for individual sessions can be made on separate event pages)

Intra-familial child sexual abuse: A learning week to support professional response.  3-7 October 2022

The week is a series of 5 individual events which can be booked separately, or you can book for the whole week at a discounted cost.

1 session per day, over lunch by zoom. 90 minutes in length

Monday 3rd October -  An introduction to intrafamilial child sexual abuse: - Kairika Karsna and  Anna Glinski, CSA Centre (12.00pm – 1.30pm)

Tuesday 4th  October  - Conducting assessments in childcare proceedings: Understanding the wider context  - Dr Sam Warner, AoCPP (12.00pm – 1.30pm)

Wednesday 5th October - Understanding sibling sexual abuse: introducing a new practice resource  - Stuart Allardyce, Lucy Faithfull Foundation and Dr Peter Yates, University of Edinburgh (12.30pm – 2.00pm)

Thursday 6th October -  Medical examinations: what children and family can expect and how this can inform professionals’ advice, referrals, and multi-agency cooperation - Michelle Cutland, CSA Centre (12.00pm – 1.30pm)

Friday 7th October  - Female sexual abuse: Understanding the nuances of this specific form of harm, within the home setting : Marcella Leonard, Director, Leonard Consultancy (12.00pm – 1.30pm) Fridays session followed by Q&A: speakers from the week regroup to answer pre-submitted questions.

Pricing structure- bookings for daily attendance can be made on separate forms

Tuesday 4th  October - Conducting Assessments in Childcare Proceedings: Understanding the wider context

Dr Sam Warner, Chair AoCPP

12.00pm – 1.30pm

In this session, Sam will be arguing for an inclusive evidence-base where values and language matter and are understood to frame assessment and intervention in intra-familial child sexual abuse. Sam will start by providing an overview of key issues in intra-familial child sexual abuse including considering how the silencing tactics of abuse traumatises children and adults. She also outlines key ways children and adults cope with abuse and consider how these coping strategies can impact memory; and she identifies wider developmental, familial and cultural factors which further impact survival and recovery. She will then outline how to conduct assessments with children and adults within families where sexual abuse has occurred. A trauma-based model of assessment and intervention is presented that encompasses abuse, relationships and risk. This trauma-based approach is used to make recommendations for how to work with those that cause harm, those that are harmed and those who may need help and support to protect others from harm.

The learning week is a series of 5 individual events which can be booked separately, or you can book for the whole week at a discounted cost. To book onto the whole week, click here.

Pricing structure- bookings for daily attendance can be made on separate forms

Event description:

As the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse moves towards its conclusion the LGA is pleased to offer this invitation to hear from Ivor Frank, Panel Member of the Inquiry. Ivor will provide insight and experiences of his time as a Panel member to the Inquiry, the impact of the work delivered to date and his hopes for the future following publication of the Inquiry Final Report. Ivor Frank will be joined by Secretary to the Inquiry, John O'Brien and other professionals from the world of child protection to reflect on the last 7 years and look ahead to the future.

The three areas that will be covered.


Ivor Frank,  Panel member, IICSA

John O'Brien, Secretary of the Inquiry, IICSA

Dr Sam Warner, AoCPP Chair

Sir Peter Wanless, CEO NSPCC

Nazira Mehmari, IKWRO


The AoCPP is proud to be launching our 'Safeguarding in Sport' Special Interest Group. This group will meet periodically throughout the year to discuss how we can improve child protection and safeguarding practices within sports organisations.

This SIG will be chaired by Dr Suzanne Everley, Head of Sport Social Science and a Reader in the Sociology of Physical Education, Activity and Health at the University of Chichester. And we'll be bringing together professionals and organisations from different areas within child protection and sport to contribute and shape the SIGs work.

But what can you expect from this first meeting?

At our launch meeting we'll introduce the SIG and what you can expect from us, as well as hearing presentations from Dr Sam Warner, Paul Stephenson and Jennie Smith with plenty of time left over for Q&As and to hear your own perspectives.


Dr Suzanne Everley - “Listening to Children’s Voices in Sport Research and Practice”,

Dr Sam Warner - “Understanding and working with trauma: the importance in performance, mental health and safeguarding”,

Paul Stephenson - TBC.

Jennie Smith, Safeguarding Today- TBC

It is clear that much more work needs to be done for us to keep children and young people safe in sport settings, so we look forward to having you join the conversation.

Book a place at this event below.

Free for AoCPP members.