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Youth Justice Special Interest Group

'Youth Justice SIG Launch: What can be done to prevent violence?'

20th March 2024, 9:30am - 11:00am

Speaker: Gail Gibbons (Youth Endowment Fund)

Co-chairs: Rachel Schleicher and Suzanne Taylor

Understanding the Landscape: The Youth Justice System in the UK

The Youth Justice system plays a pivotal role in informing the lives of children and young people affected by community violence, in contact with the police, or accessing services to prevent offending. Which is why it’s important for us to continue to evaluate and improve the Youth Justice system and how we as professionals work within it.

Through this Special Interest Group, the Association of Child Protection Professionals invites you to contribute your voice to this important discussion surrounding Youth Justice. Driven by its members, this group seeks to share experiences, discuss emerging issues, and collectively shape a better system for the children and young people that need it.

The launch event

Join us on March 20th as we ask the question - what can be done to prevent youth violence? Hosted by our SIG Co-Chairs, Rachel Schleicher and Suzanne Taylor, and with a presentation by Youth Endowment Fund's Gail Gibbons, this session will explore the findings from Youth Endowment Fund's Children, Violence, and Vulnerability Report 2023. A study that surveyed over 7,500 teenage children in England and Wales about their experiences of violence. Making this report one of the most comprehensive studies of its kind.  The findings paint a highly nuanced picture of the prevalence and severity of violence in children’s lives today. So, it is our pleasure to have Gail Gibbons, Head of Change for Children's Service and Health at Youth Endowment Fund, speak to us about this report.

What to expect from this SIG

Looking beyond the launch event, this Special Interest Group will meet throughout the year to: