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Digital Safeguarding Special Interest Group

'Bridging gaps: Tackling information recording, retrieving and sharing challenges in Leeds and Newham'

25th January 2024, 9:30 - 11 am

Speaker: Harry Angus, Millie Devereux, Magda Jurczuk

Chair: Sarah Carlick

Social Finance is a not-for-profit consultancy that works with governments, charities and business worldwide. They have worked in Children's Services for over a decade, and have a large programme focussed on addressing the very largest and most entrenched digital and data challenges within social work.

For this session, Millie, Magda and Harry from the Data + Digi team will be coming to talk about two recent children's services projects; a research project exploring barriers to information sharing within children's social care and another which sought to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges being experienced by social workers through their recording on case management systems.

This session will be a forum to discuss the findings from these two research projects, allow for an exploration of the practical steps that can be made to address these challenges locally and finally offer a deep dive into the wider opportunities to bring about systemic change in these areas.