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Culture in Child Protection Special Interest Group

'How can we ensure that we acknowledge and respond to race in child protection'

23rd May 2024, 9.30am - 11.30am

Speakers: Isobel Drew (Chair) and Vanisha Jassal (Vice Chair)

Areas of exploration within this meeting:

The issue of race has had some meaningful but limited exploration within multiagency child protection work within the UK. Our meeting will begin to explore the challenges and opportunities to progress critically reflective, culturally competent, and anti-racist work within practice.

The meeting will first consider the contemporary landscape and research context supporting our understanding of race within the sphere of child protection with a focus on key thinking and learning. The meeting will consider contextual and intersecting factors that currently impact issues or race, racism, and disproportionality. The meeting will also engage you in reflecting on your own organisational context and actions and activity that could make a positive contribution to the acknowledgment and response to race within child protection.