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The AoCPP’s Gypsy Roma Traveller Special Interest Group

'A Romale, A Chavale'

27th September 2023, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Speaker: Juice Vamosi

SIG Chair: Dr Dan Allen

On the 27th September, I will run a session entitled, 'A Romale, A Chavale' and bring the linguist, filmmaker and producer, Juice Vamosi in to join our discussion.

Introducing excerpts from selected films and documentaries, Juice and I will highlight and discuss the specific challenges faced by Central and Eastern European Roma people living in Britain. After introducing the history and heritage of Roma people, contemporary issues related to family and child welfare will be considered.

Throughout the session, Juice and I will invite questions from the SIG and draw on the films, documentaries, and some unseen footage, to consider ways to stand in solidarity with Central and Eastern European Roma people to help bring about fairness and family justice.

After the presentation, there will be an opportunity to talk to Juice about his experiences of producing films and documentaries with Roma people across Europe.

For more information on our Special Interest Group Gypsy Roma Travellers click here.