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The AoCPP’s Lunch and Learn

'Unseen Lives: An Introduction to Modern Slavery'

29th June 2023 - 12.00pm - 1.30pm

Speaker: Kate Garbers


The persistence of modern-day slavery remains a severe problem in our society. This abhorrent practice encompasses the exploitation of individuals through forced labor, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, and involvement in criminal activities.

Unfortunately, our young people and children bear a disproportionate burden of this heinous crime. Their vulnerability makes them prime targets, falling victim to abduction, deception, or being trapped in exploitative circumstances from birth.

This session will give participants an outline of what modern slavery is.

Participants will learn about the nature and scale of the issue, the types of slavery in the UK, who it impacts and how it presents in a UK context.

A brief overview will also be given about the systems of support available and the responsibilities of child protection professionals within this.