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Digital Safeguarding Special Interest Group

'Creating case management systems that inspire social workers and deliver for managers – a fantasy or realistic possibility?'

19th March 2024, 9:30am - 11:00am

Speaker: Pippa Barker, Andrew Turnell

Chair: Sarah Carlick

Case management systems are an integral part of professional toolkits when safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. Effective case management systems can streamline and enhance work processes, and facilitate collaboration among multi-agency teams by providing a shared space for communication and coordination of services.

However, while these systems have the potential to support great social work practice, they do face criticisms. For example, some systems are deemed complex, requiring extensive training and potentially facing resistance among some professionals. Data security concerns arise due to the sensitive nature of client information, necessitating robust privacy measures. Limited customisation in certain systems may lead to inefficiencies, and associated costs pose challenges for smaller organisations or agencies.

The interplay between social work and IT poses a unique challenge for those who use and create case management systems, a challenge that this session’s speakers will be discussing at this meeting of our Digital Safeguarding Special Interest Group.

The session

In this session, Andrew Turnell and Pippa Barker will describe some of the work they have done at the cross-section between Social Work and IT to support the development and implementation of systems which are useful and that support working with families. They will talk through the challenges they have faced, as well as their greatest learnings, and they will lead the group through some individual reflections as we consider what this work means for each of our individual professional situations.

Join a range of professionals from multiple disciplines within child protection and safeguarding to contribute to the discussion, shaping the future of technology in our work.