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The AoCPP’s Practice Learning Review Special Interest Group

'Supervision: A necessity for modern practice in evolving systems and complex practice issues'

8th June 2023, 12.00pm - 1.30pm

Speakers: Adrian Spanswick, Wendy Thorogood, Rebecca Sage and Judy Mace

Over this session, we will consider the importance of supervision as the safeguarding landscape evolves and systems respond to organisational change.  We have the pleasure of hearing from four speakers who will all be giving presentations on different aspects of supervision, stemming from their own in depth experience of supervision in practice. Speakers will cover the following:

The session will include opportunity for questions and discussion.

The AoCPP’s Practice Learning Review Special Interest Group

'Midlands Regional context about themes/learning from Domestic Homicide Reviews'

18 January 2023, 12.00pm - 1.30pm

Speakers: Rebecca Sage, Safeguarding Professional Lead ( NHS England, Midlands) and Adrian Spanswick (NHS England/ AoCPP SIG Practice Learning SIG Chair/AoCPP Trustee)

We look forward to welcoming you to the AoCPP’s Practice Learning Event SIG on the 18th January 2023.  The session is split into 2 parts.  The first half of the session with be led by Rebecca Sage (NHS England) and focus on learning from Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHR’s) from a NHS Midlands Regional lens.  As an NHS Region Safeguarding Team we review our systems DHR’s that are forwarded to us by the NHS National Safeguarding Team on a monthly basis.  This give us the opportunity to review DHR submissions from the 11 NHS Midlands Integrated Care Boards (previously CCG’s).  It has given us the opportunity to review the leaning and Rebecca will present the key themes and compare these to the national leaning from DHR’s.  This will give us the opportunity to reflect on the themes and impact on change for practice from both an intra-agency and inter-agency perspective.  The  second half of the session will shift the focus of how we learn from a safeguarding perspective to the use of Appreciative Inquiry (AI), its congruency with Solution Focus and Action Learning approaches and how we can utilise AI proactively in our daily safeguarding work to change practice, using a safeguarding example to inform debate and discussion. This session will be led by Adrian Spanswick (NHS England/ AoCPP SIG Practice Learning SIG Chair/AoCPP Trustee).  Although both presenters are from the NHS the sessions will seek to debate and discuss from a safeguarding partnership perspective.