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Children in the Shadows; an introduction to Refugee and Asylum-seeking children and families, the risks they face and what we can do to help protect children

Thursday 17th November 2022 9.30am-12.30pm

Led by Rose McCarthy and special guests

'An introduction to the experiences of refugee and asylum seeking families. The risks they face and discuss what we can do to protect children.

This workshop will explore what it might be like to flee your country for fear of your life and seek asylum in the UK. To be pregnant, give birth and bring up a family when you don’t know if you have a roof over your head or whether you will be granted leave to remain. The barriers mothers faces, the support they do and do not receive and the impact this has on their children and their safety.

Learn about the asylum process in the UK and listen to the stories of mothers now living in West Yorkshire. How they brought their babies in to the world, how they were let down and also how they were supported'.