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Lunch and Learn

SENDing Child Protection: Making it Mainstream

3rd July 2024 - 12.00pm - 1.30pm

Speaker: Sarah Goff, Manchester Metropolitan University

We all work with children and parents who have a broad range of needs. Many of those with learning needs and disabilities do not reach thresholds for disability specialist teams in social work, not yet have a diagnosis, and the majority of children with special educational needs and disabilities are in mainstream education, this is our business.

This Lunch & Learn session will explore what is known about harm and abuse experienced by these children and their families both in terms of risks outside the home and will touch briefly on those placed away from home. It will reflect on research findings including children’s and parents’ voices, insights from practice and research about sexual abuse and exploitation highlighting unmet needs and service gaps.

This session will form the basis for future discussions at the new Special Interest Group on safeguarding disabled children, highlighting that these children and young peoples’ needs must become everyone’s concern, it will remind us of the broad spectrum of children and families with whom we all need to work and whose needs we all should strive to understand.