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Culture in Child Protection Special Interest Group

'Culture in Child Protection SIG Launch'

29th February 2024, 9:30am - 11:30am 

Chair: Isobel Drew

Vice-Chair: Vanisha Jassal

What is culture?: defining culture in the context of child protection

For the purposes of this SIG culture refers to factors relating to a child’s race, ethnicity and religion. Ethnic, racial and cultural disproportionalities continue to exist across UK child protection practice, services and outcomes for children, young people and their families. This is known and accepted across agencies. Many scholars and practitioners have worked intensively to explore the lived experiences of children and families in the child protection system where cultural issues have needed greater recognition and understanding. This SIG seeks to bring together existing research, best practice and wider learning, to support practitioners and child protection organisations to continue to make developments in this area and to adopt proactive and purposeful working practises so that racial and ethnic disproportionalities can be more effectively addressed.

The launch event
Join us on 29th February for an introductory discussion into Culture in Child Protection. Hosted by our SIG Chair, Isobel Drew, and Vice-Chair, Vanisha Jassal, this launch event aims to familiarise you with the subject area, and guide your expectations of the SIG. So, what can you expect from this session?

Please join us to (re)visit this important conversation.

What to expect from this Special Interest Group

Looking beyond the launch event, this Special Interest Group will meet throughout the year to: