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The AoCPP’s Practice Learning Review Special Interest Group

'Supervision: A necessity for modern practice in evolving systems and complex practice issues'

8th June 2023, 12.00pm - 1.30pm

Speakers: Adrian Spanswick, Wendy Thorogood, Rebecca Sage and Judy Mace

Over this session, we will consider the importance of supervision as the safeguarding landscape evolves and systems respond to organisational change.  We have the pleasure of hearing from four speakers who will all be giving presentations on different aspects of supervision, stemming from their own in depth experience of supervision in practice. Speakers will cover the following:

The session will include opportunity for questions and discussion.

The AoCPP’s Lunch and Learn

'Multi-Agency Responsibility in Reporting and Investigating Safeguarding Complaints'

15 June 2023, 12.00pm - 1.30pm

Speaker: Wendy Thorogood

Multi-Agency working is key to effective safeguarding and child and adult protection. Children and families, and vulnerable adults will access a wide range of services throughout their life. It is important for practitioners to work together to gain a full overview and a co-ordinated approach to support. The failure to do this is a common reason for complaints as identified in learning reviews.

Complaints can come from many different areas, about process, professionals access to care, escalation of concerns for a child or adult’s welfare. The question is are we getting it right?