Looking inside our fallibility: reflections on cases of serious and fatal child maltreatment in 2020

 Wednesday 30 June 12pm - 1.30pm

In this webinar, Peter Sidebotham, a member of the National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel will present some key findings from the Panel’s 2020 annual report. He will pick up on the six key practice themes identified in the annual report and consider what they might mean for front-line practice:

  1. Understanding what the child’s daily life is like
  2. Working with families where their engagement is reluctant and sporadic
  3. Critical thinking and challenge
  4. Responding to changing risk and need
  5. Sharing information in a timely and appropriate way
  6. Organisational leadership and culture for good outcomes

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be aware of the key data and findings from serious incident notifications and reviews submitted to the panel in the past year

Participants will be able to reflect on the six key practice themes in the light of their own practice

Professor Peter Sidebotham

Peter Sidebotham is a retired paediatrician and emeritus professor of child health at the University of Warwick. As an academic paediatrician he specialised in child protection and was the designated doctor for child protection and for child death review in Warwickshire.  

Peter’s research includes studies on unexpected child deaths including sudden infant death syndrome, and work on child death review and child maltreatment. He has worked with Professor Marian Brandon from UEA on several national analyses of Serious Case Reviews. He is the author/editor of three books and several book chapters and has published extensively on child abuse and child death review. 

Peter is a co-editor of the journal Child Abuse Review. He is on the Board of Trustees for the Association of Child Protection Professionals and is a member of the National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel.

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