Kate Crawford

I am a voice hearer, I've been hearing voices since I was four years old due to physical and mental abuse from my mum and gran and then sexual abuse after being placed in a care home.

In 2005 my Health Visitor introduced me to the Hearing Voices Network and I started attending a Hearing Voices Group. In there I gained empathy, compassion, self-esteem, and I was encouraged to believe in myself: that I could do things I thought I couldn't do. From this I started to cope with my voices. This gave me the initiative and strength to get my life back. Now I work around the UK and internationally talking to people about how to get their life back and teaching professionals about the best ways of approaching people with mental health issues, in particular in respect of hearing voices, paranoia and sexual abuse.

I currently work in four universities training students on the best ways of helping their clients cope with voices. I draw on my personal journey from trauma to recovery. I talk about the impact of services on voice hearers and, and in particularly what it is like to be a parent who hears voices. I also talk about the impact of services on children of voices hearers. I share testimony from three of my four children in which they talk about the experiences they had in care. I identify practices that helped our family.