Thank you for considering leaving a gift to the Association of Child Protection Professionals in your will.  Every pound we collect makes a difference to ensuring we can keep our services affordable and accessible for the professionals for whom we work, and ultimately improve support for children and families.

We understand you might have questions about the process, and these will always be best answered by a qualified solicitor.  The below is designed to give you a brief overview of some common areas.

How do I leave a gift to the Association of Child Protection Professionals in my will?

If you’d like to include the Association in your will you should take advice from a qualified solicitor. To help ensure your gift is used in the way you would wish we have a suggested legal wording for you to show your solicitor and use when writing your will.

Can I change my existing will to include a gift to the Association?

Yes, you can.  Just ask your solicitor to add a codicil (the legal term for an amendment). However, if you want to make substantial changes your solicitor might advise you to draft a new will. We have included a sample codicil form here.

What types of gifts can I leave?

The main types of gifts to charities in wills are:

  • Residuary gift – a percentage share of your estate after payment of specific and pecuniary legacies (see below) and any debts due. This type of gift keeps pace with inflation.
  • Pecuniary legacy – a fixed sum of money. This type of gift does not keep pace with inflation unless you review your will regularly or your will links the gift with inflation.
  • Specific legacy – a gift of specific items.

What do I do once I’ve left a legacy to the Association?

You don’t need to do anything else, but it is very helpful if you get in touch to let us know. Knowing that you are leaving us a gift in your will helps us plan for the future. We’d also like to have the chance to say thank you.

Can I specify how or for what purpose my gift may be used?

Yes. You can request that your gift be used to support a particular project or theme of work, such as CSE for example.

We’ll do everything we can to follow your wishes, but this might not always be possible and  the focus of our work may change in line with the current priorities for children and families in the UK, so it’s best to allow some flexibility in your instructions. You can contact us at any time if there is a particular area of activity you would like to support.

What if I don’t have a large gift to leave?

Any size of gift, large or small, is incredibly valuable in supporting our work going forward.  It is important you provide for your loved ones first, but if you feel there is something left over after that then we really appreciate you considering us.