What can you gain by becoming an Association of Child Protection Professionals member?

Find out what our members say by reading some of our member testimonials submitted before and during Covid.

What would you say the main benefit of your membership and our recent online events have been?

"Thank you very much. Excellent discussion. Well done AOCPP"

"A lot of learning today from everyone. Great multi professional discussion"

"Great session, good to hear from people in a variety of agencies and roles"

"Understanding the wider and most up to date picture from the point of view of other agencies
working in this area of practice"

"Further information re social care which has promoted thought and ideas/research to pass on to students and social workers with whom I have been working"

"The conference was very good. The first time I have attended a webinar and found it very helpful"

"Thank you for all the great stuff the AoCPP is doing during this difficult time with the online meetings etc. Its been great and in many ways its easer to participate because it doesn’t take up a whole day so we can get to things which makes a real difference"

"Excellent sharing of information and practice by a range of professionals, there is power in that"

As resources get ever tighter, professionals have fewer and fewer opportunities to come together to exchange ideas and to learn together. We move more and more into silos because of work pressures. This is not the way to keep children safe. Association of Child Protection Professionals is needed to bring people concerned about child protection together to learn, to think, to shape policy and practice and to disseminate research. No-one else does this.’ Enid Hendry, retired Social Work Consultant, Nottingham


‘It has improved my knowledge and understanding about the range of harms caused to children and their impact as I have been able to network with a wide range of experts from the UK and beyond. There is no other multi-disciplinary association for child protection professionals focused on learning to support and improve practice and policy’ Professor John Devaney MBE. Social Worker, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh.


“Opportunity to network with others and know I am part of a community of people committed to working for children and families; challenge to keep up to date and evidence-informed in my practice; sounding board with others for considering how best to improve policy and practice.” Professor Peter Sidebotham, Co-Editor, ‘Child Abuse Review’ and Co-Convenor, Congress 2018

*Responses gathered from a recent survey with retiring professionals.