Most of the policy making in relation to child protection is devolved to each nation of the UK. Since this fundamental change was introduced there has been increasing divergence between legislation, public policy and standards development. This provides a rich opportunity to learn from the differences and similarities, but also a challenge for us to stay informed.  We have addressed this challenge through sessions for representatives to update the Board on developments, as well as running a number of Four Nation discussions, most recently during our 2018 Congress. While informative these do not enable us to act as quickly as we would like on key issues.

We are therefore seeking to appoint a volunteer national policy lead in each of the nations.  These people, who most likely are already working in a role that requires them to stay up to date with such matters, will help to provide us with:

  • Timely intelligence about areas of concern affecting children’s safety
  • Timely intelligence about planned areas of law, policy or standards development affecting child protection in each nation
  • Processes for sharing information and deciding on any action.

We are currently seeking a National Policy Lead for Wales.  If you would like to discuss this role or apply please email Celean Camp ([email protected])