For the Attention of Practitioners and Students

In recognition of the ongoing challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic we invite practitioners and students to submit distinctive 'Reflective Practice Papers' to the Continuing Professional Development section of Child Abuse Review

The continuing global pandemic has created loss and disruption to professional and personal lives on a previously unparalleled scale. Populations face uncertainty with emerging from lockdown, whereas others still face the effects of local lockdowns. There has been confusion about A’level grades and the return to school, while social distancing and quarantine measures are subject to constant change. As a consequence of much of this, there has been a rise in reported domestic violence and in mental health difficulties, with many health and social care services facing unprecedented challenges.

Within this exceptional period, as health and social care practitioners and students face the continuing effects of COVID-19, the Child Abuse Review is interested in capturing and supporting their work,  including the challenges, the frustration, the co-operation, the courage and the hope.

We are therefore inviting practitioners and students involved with health and social care to submit brief, ‘Reflective Practice Papers’ (maximum 1,500 words) to the Continuing Professional Development section of Child Abuse Review. Submissions can depart from the normal CPD format recommended by the journal. They will not require ‘Test your knowledge questions’ and can be reflective in tone and content.

Alongside these ‘Reflective Practice Papers’ we continue to invite submissions which follow the standard CPD guidelines. Submissions which, for whatever reason, are not published within the CPD section of the journal will be considered for the Association of Child Protection Professionals News.

How to submit

Articles should be submitted online via ScholarOne Manuscripts

For standard CPD article, please refer to the author guidelines for CPD articles. Alternatively, articles can be submitted as a Short Report.

See previous CPD articles.  


There is no deadline for these ‘Reflective Practice Papers’ which will be welcomed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  


For more information, please contact Dr Denise Turner[email protected]