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Intra-familial Child Sexual Abuse Learning Week - Medical Examinations: what children and family can expect and how this can inform professionals' advice, referrals and multi-agency cooperation.

A digital download of a session from our Intra-familal Child Sexual Abuse learning week. For the public and professionals alike,...
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A digital download of a session from our Intra-familal Child Sexual Abuse learning week.

For the public and professionals alike, thinking about child sexual abuse can be challenging - especially when those concerns of abuse are within the home environment. That's why we've created this series on intra-familial child sexual abuse, to support professional response in this area.

In this session, Dr Michelle Cutland explores the impact of child sexual abuse from a health perspective and explore the role, scope and purpose of a medical examination in this context. It explores common anxieties and questions about medical examinations that professionals have; Do children have to have an examination? Does it hurt? Is there any point if the alleged abuse happened many months ago? Practical advice and guidance will be provided so professionals are better informed to help support children and parents/carers in whom a medical examination is considered..

Dr Michelle Cutland is Health Practice Improvement Advisor at the Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse (CSA Centre). Michelle is a consultant paediatrician with over 17 years’ experience in children’s health and has a special interest in safeguarding and child sexual abuse. She has had roles within both general acute paediatric and child sexual abuse assessment specific services including a prior role as a named doctor for safeguarding children. Michelle continues to work in the NHS as a Clinical Director for a Children’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre in South-West England.


About the video

Video length: 69 minutes

Featuring: Dr Michelle Cutland, AoCPP/CSA Centre staff and event delegates.

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Opportunity to network with others and know I am part of a community of people committed to working for children and families; challenge to keep up to date and evidence-informed in my practice; sounding board with others for considering how best to improve policy and practice

Professor Peter Sidebotham, Member of the National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel and Emeritus Professor of Child Health at Warwick University