Become an anonymous peer reviewer

Utilise your professional expertise and critically and constructively evaluate the work of your peers

All articles submitted to Child Abuse Review are subject to rigorous double-blind peer review to ensure that the Journal maintains the highest scientific standards. This means that both the identities of reviewer and author are concealed from each other throughout the review process. A minimum of two reviewers, with appropriate professional expertise in the topic addressed and a knowledge of research methodologies, are selected to review each article. The Journal uses the online peer review system ScholarOne Manuscripts.

To register your interest in becoming a peer reviewer, contact the Editorial Manager: [email protected]

Evaluate professional resources

Review a new book or professional training programme

The journal publishes short reviews of books and training resources of interest to those working in all aspects of child protection.

Book reviews should be 360 words maximum and provide a concise evaluation of the text, keeping in mind the diverse interprofessional readership of the journal.
If you would like to undertake a review, please provide your details and areas of interest by completing the Book Review Form.
If there is a book you would like to recommend for review in the journal, please contact the Editorial Manager: [email protected]

The Training Update section of the journal features professional development resources and materials in a variety of formats on a wide range of topics. Reviews are usually 800 words and provide an assessment of the training and its impact on practice.

Recommendations for training materials to be featured in the journal are welcomed, as are expressions of interest in becoming a reviewer. Please contact the Editorial Manager: [email protected]