We rely heavily on the time and skills of our volunteers to achieve our mission of supporting professionals to support children and families.

There are many ways you can volunteer for the Association; if you are interested in donating your time or skills then please check our website regularly for current opportunities or contact us at [email protected]

Current volunteering opportunities

Some examples of opportunities include:

  • Become a non-trustee member of one of our governing committees: Education, Learning and Policy Committee; or Membership Committee.  We need many voices from the field of child protection to ensure our activities are embedded in real practice need.  If you are interested in shaping how we go forward, have connections or are able to help us to source and organise speakers, venues, new member benefits, etc then please get in touch.

  • Become a trustee: Our trustees decide the strategy and direction of the organisation and have overall legal responsibility for the charity. Vacancies for trustees are advertised on our website.

  • Set up a local branch: Would you like to facilitate networking meetings of child protection professionals in your local area?  Local branches are one of the main ways you can engage with fellow professionals on issues which matter to you.  If you would like to set one up in your area then get in touch and let us help.

  • Volunteer your expertise: We regularly recruit speakers for training, conferences, and webinars.  If you have skills and expertise you are willing to donate then please let us know what your area is and we can add you to our database.

  • Write for us: Could you write a blog or article for our website or newsletter?  Perhaps a review of your experience of applying research in practice, an insight from the front line, or an opinion piece.  We are always looking to hear new voices and can provide guidelines and editorial support.

  • Fundraise for us: As a charity we try to keep the costs of our activities as low as we can to enable as many professionals as possible to attend.  This has become more and more challenging as organisational budgets are slashed, individual budgets stretched, and venue and other costs continue to rise.  The more we can fundraise the more we can offer events in a wider range of locations, reduce ticket prices or look at providing subsidies, and develop new activities such as webinars or other forms of online interaction to increase our impact and ultimately increase our benefit to children. 

Do you have a workplace charity, or regularly hold a department coffee morning to raise money for charity?  Would you consider making usyour charity of choice? Or are you up for more of a challenge?  If you wish to run a £5k, undertake the Three Peaks Challenge, or even run a marathon, if you believe in what we do then why not use the opportunity to fundraise for us?  If you are interested, please contact the office and we can provide support and information.

  • Become an online – or offline! – advocate: Are you active on social media? Could you use your voice to amplify our message by sharing and promoting our content to ensure we reach as many child protection professionals as possible.  If social media is not your thing then do you have a staff room, office noticeboard, departmental meeting or other forum in which you could help us to advertise what we do?  If you would like any posters or flyers to put up then please just get in touch.

  • Other opportunities: As we develop new activities and services we will have other opportunities for you to get involved, for example, would you consider becoming an admin of an online discussion group, or could you perhaps provide a few hours desk research for us?  We will circulate any such opportunities directly to members as well as advertising via our website and social media so please keep a look out.