Protecting children from the risk of harm is our core mission and what all our members work for, but there’s more to it than the narrow definition of “child protection”.  We understand there are a range of factors involved in keeping children safe.

  • A safeguarding culture - we know safeguarding is everyone's business. Professionals need to embrace the principles of safeguarding:
    • Empowerment - hearing the voice of the child or the victim and no decision about me without me
    • Prevention – making every contact count
    • Proportionality – measures put in place relative to the risk
    • Protection – making children and adults safe
    • Partnership – true integrated working across systems and disciples
    • Accountability - to citizens, individuals, employers and professional regulators ) and early intervention and family support are essential to ensuring children can grow up free from harm. We promote safeguarding training and activities; provide advice, support and signposting; and work with groups such as our network of trainers to ensure a safeguarding culture is embedded in society
  • Support for leaders, and those working in partnership to challenge silo working and influence true holistic assessment and identification of risk.  Many of our members are senior managers trying to implement complex local and national working arrangements.  We seek to support them by sharing examples of best practice across the UK; listening to the issues faced by those professionals and supporting them to work on solutions via our events, branches, and Special Interest Groups; and amplifying their voice
  • Adults matter too!  We know that the lines can be blurred between safeguarding adults and children and working with families is crucial to keeping children safe.  We work with partners, publish research, and run events looking at issues that span across adults and children such as parental mental health, domestic abuse, sexual violence  or substance abuse, or working with offenders to prevent re-offending looking at the whole victim to perpetrator pathway.
  • Our aim is to support a skilled, valued and motivated workforce - we offer CPD, peer support, and work with others to highlight the impacts of policy and lobby for change.  We specialise in in-depth and advanced practitioner level learning which is evidenced based to ensure your CPD is really moving you forward in your career

Our vision is for a world in which children grow up free from the risk of abuse and neglect and feel safe with the adults who support them.  There are no children without adults in their lives and our aim is to allow families to thrive.