The Association of Child Protection Professionals exists to help children and families by supporting the professionals who work with them.   Do you work with children or young people who have suffered or are at risk of suffering abuse or neglect?  Does your role include responsibility for safeguarding?  Do you work to support families to reduce the risk of harm to children? Are you carrying out research in the field of child abuse or neglect?  Then we are your professional membership organisation.

With backgrounds including social work, paediatrics, nursing, psychology, police, law, education, and research, among many others, our members and those we work with come from a wide range of disciplines.  This multidisciplinary perspective, with the child and family at the centre, has been a key part of our purpose since 1979.  We believe that bringing together different professionals to discuss issues and break down silos improves outcomes for children and families.

We help those who want to meet other like-minded professionals to share research, practice, and knowledge do just that.  We also help students aiming for a career in child protection and organisations or professional bodies whose focus is related to child protection.

Our members work across the child protection system, often directly with vulnerable or neglected children, in front line safeguarding, and in challenging roles. The demands on these professionals are substantial and complex with constant changes in local and national policies, diminishing organisational budgets, and increasing caseloads.  We believe there is substantial expertise to share, that expert voices from practice and research should inform policy, and that together we can make a positive difference.

AoCPP People

We want to showcase the breadth of roles, careers and paths undertaken by those working in child protection and safeguarding, and share their voices, opinions and experience with our community.

Our director, Celean Camp, spoke with AoCPP member Alison Chapman; Designated Nurse and Safeguarding Lead for Oxfordshire CCG, who shares an insight into her role and career in child protection.

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