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Supporting Child Protection Professionals Since 1979
We provide support, professional development and representation to government and policy makers for those working in child protection and safeguarding.

We believe access to research, sharing expertise, engaging with complexity, and informed policy-making, produce better outcomes for children and families.

Our vision is a world in which all children and vulnerable adults can grow up in safety and security, without risk of being abused or neglected.
Who we are
The Issue
The abuse and neglect of children and vulnerable adults is a huge and growing issue.
1 Child 
Every week
Each week one child is killed through neglect or abuse
1 in 20 Children
In the UK have been sexually abused
Newly qualified social workers  anticipate quitting in 5 years
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Professional support & resources
Discover upcoming events this month and throughout the forthcoming year.
Our events play a significant role in supporting our mission to improve the lives and safety of children and vulnerable adults. They do this by providing invaluable research, representation, CPD and training opportunities to those working in the field. At these events, we bring together leading academics, policymakers and practitioners to facilitate discussions, knowledge-sharing, and learning.

Since the beginning of the pandemic we recognised the need to change the way we deliver events, that’s why we brought all of our events online with the view of reintroducing in-person events in summer 2022.
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“There is no other multi-disciplinary association for child protection professionals focused on learning to support and improve practice and policy“
Professor John Devaney MBE. Social Worker, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh.
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