The Association of Child Protection Professionals is a registered charity and membership association.

We provide education and professional development opportunities for those working in child protection.

40 years at the heart of child protection

This year we are proud to be celebrating our 40th year. Through sharing knowledge, research and examples of best practice, what started as a small inter-professional membership association grew and today we are the only multi-disciplinary professional membership association, with charitable status of its kind.


Author: Sian Brooke

Anne Paterson Scholarship

We are pleased to announce that applications for the Anne Wingate Paterson Scholarship, for research in the field of child abuse and neglect (CAN) in Scotland, are now open for 2019. The scholarship fund has been established from a generous legacy left to Association of Child Protection Professionals by Anne Wingate Paterson who died in 2016.



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The Association of Child Protection Professionals is a charity which has been driving improvement in child protection for 40 years. We exist to help children by supporting the professionals who work with them. We provide access to research; quality and affordable CPD; and peer support to anyone working in child protection. Join the Association of Child Protection Professionals as a member today.


Author: Sian Brooke

Latest events

  • Contextual Safeguarding Seminar

    Dr Carlene Firmin MBE (Principal Research Fellow at the University of Bedfordshire), will present a seminar on Contextual Safeguarding. Existing child protection systems are generally designed to respond to the abuse of young children within families and through family-focused interventions. Read more

  • Effecting Change Through Child Protection Training – NSPCC and AoCPP Conference and Award Ceremony 2019

    This year’s conference has a twin focus on dealing with disruptive change and on various manifestations of sexual violence against children and the implications of these for training. It will conclude with the award ceremony to recognise the NSPCC and AoCPP Trainer of the year. Read more

  • Review: The Child’s World: Good Assessment Practice in Challenging Times

    Last month over 100 students, practitioners and researchers gathered in York for a sell-out conference on Good Assessment Practice in Challenging Times.  The event was tied to the launch of the third edition of The Child’s Word, a seminal “go to” text for busy practitioners.   Read more

Research and Policy

  • Expert Domestic Abuse risk assessment on Fathers who are Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

    The safety of children who experience domestic abuse within their families requires specific, evidence based, thoroughly conducted, risk assessment. However, the risk assessments I have read within reports made to the Family Courts have primarily been from the non abusive partner’s perspective. They have assessed the victims’ risk of experiencing harm, rather than including a specific, evidence based, risk assessment with the abusive parent regarding their risk of perpetrating harm. Read more

  • Climate Change, an Inequitable Leveller

    Climate change is the greatest challenge humanity currently faces. Action to reduce fossil fuel usage, exposure to particulate matter and emissions is largely ineffective, and greenhouse gas emissions continue rising. On 14 February 2019, thousands of ‘school children’ in the UK took a courageous stance against adults’ laissez-faire attitudes to climate change by striking and demanding urgent action to stem it. Read more