We provide support, representation, and professional development for those working in child protection and safeguarding.
We believe access to research, sharing expertise, engaging with complexity, and informed policy-making, produce better outcomes for children and families.
Our vision is a world in which all children can grow up in safety and security, without risk of being abused or neglected.

40 years at the heart of child protection

In 2019 we celebrated our 40th year. Through sharing knowledge, research and examples of best practice, what started as a small inter-professional membership association grew until today we are the only multi-disciplinary professional membership association, with charitable status, of its kind.


Author: Sian Brooke

What our members say

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The Association of Child Protection Professionals is a charity which has been driving improvement in child protection for more than 40 years. We exist to help children by supporting the professionals who work with them. We provide access to research; quality and affordable CPD; and peer support to anyone working in child protection. Join the Association of Child Protection Professionals as a member today from as little as £8 a month, and have your voice heard.


Author: Sian Brooke

Latest events


  • Fabricated and Induced Illness: Professional Dilemmas w/ Dr Sarah Steele

    Wendy Thorogood, Chair of the Association of Child Protection Professionals, talks to Dr Sarah Steele about Fabricated and Induced Illness and the professional dilemmas that come along with it. Updated 09 OCT 20 | Duration 36 mins Read more

  • Suicide: A mother's testimony...

    Wendy Thorogood, Chair of the AoCPP, talks to Michayla West about her daughter's experience of mental health conditions and subsequent attempts at taking her own life. Updated 17 SEP 2020 | Duration 10 mins Read more

  • Safeguarding in Educational Guardianship w/ AEGIS

    Wendy Thorogood, Chair of the AoCPP, talks to Yasemin Wigglesworth, CEO of AEGIS about their work in providing accreditation for guardianship organisations providing services to international students aged 18 and under, studying in the UK. Updated 24 AUG 2020 | Duration 28 mins Read more