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Our Impact
The only organisation devoted to supporting practitioners & reseacrhers
The difference we make
We have been driving improvement in child protection for 40 years by working with those in the field to influence policy and practice. We exist to help children and vulnerable adults by supporting the professionals who work with them. We provide access to research, quality and affordable CPD, and peer support to anyone working in child protection and adult safeguarding.
We are the only organisation specifically devoted to supporting practitioners and researchers in the field.

We’ve been holding CPD and training events since 1986, and our triennial congress since 1991! That’s hundreds of delegates, speakers, and subjects, coming together in our name to learn, share and develop practice.
Over the years we have consulted on various subject matters with, among others, NICE, the College of Policing, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Department of Education and the Government.
What our members say

I think Child Abuse Review has gone from strength to strength and is of a consistently high standard. We have held numerous events that have been inspiring and enabling, such as the most recent Congresses and the Trainer's conference and award ceremony, the seminars to disseminate lessons from Serious Case Reviews. As resources get ever tighter, professionals have fewer and fewer opportunities to come together to exchange ideas and to learn together. We move more and more into silos because of work pressures. This is not the way to keep children safe. Association of Child Protection Professionals is needed to bring people concerned about child protection together to learn, to think, to shape policy and practice and to disseminate research. No-one else does this.

Enid Hendry, retired Social Work Consultant, Nottingham