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For Academics

As an association, we believe in evidence-based practice and practice-based research. We seek to enhance the links between research and practice in all our activities to ensure that those on the frontline of protecting children and vulnerable adults are armed with the latest evidence and findings so they can provide the best service for children, families and vulnerable adults.

We want to ensure that research is embedded in practice, need and experience, and that the outcomes have maximum reach into practitioner communities in formats that are accessible and able to be acted upon.
Supporting research
As an association, we seek to support research into abuse and neglect in order to ensure that research has the maximum impact in practice. We are happy to discuss partnering or being named on research bids in support of your dissemination and impact plans and can provide advice and support in preparing these.

And with a range of publication platforms, and events with an international reach, we can help with your dissemination activities and ensure that your work has the best chance of making a difference in practice.
Training Oppurtunities