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For Trainers & Consultants

Whether you are a trainer in safeguarding or an independent case reviewer, the Association of Child Professionals exists for you. 
Many trainers and consultants find themselves working alone or with no regular group of colleagues. Being part of an active network can provide you with the regular supportive relationships you need to develop your own practice and stay abreast of what is going on in your field.

We have our own ever-growing network of independent case reviewers, one of the most connected and active groups within the Association, which contribute to a forum rich with information, experience, and the sharing of good practice.
Continuous Professional Development
& Access to Practice-Influencing Research
As trainers and consultants, it is of course crucial for you to stay up to date with what is happening in both practice and research. The AoCPP provides opportunities to ensure your knowledge is current and relevant to your audience, from CPD to networking opportunities with frontline professionals and academics. In addition, the Child Abuse Review, our highly respected academic journal, and its extensive back catalogue of issues ensures that you have access to all the historic and current research with links to practice right at your fingertips.

We work with a range of trainers and consultants from a multitude of backgrounds many of whom have lived experience of the issues they are discussing. Additionally, we are always open to talk to trainers and consultants about sessions they might like to deliver for the members of our Association, especially on current or cutting-edge topics. So, do get in touch with us if you feel that you may be able to offer sessions of benefit to our members.

The Association of Child Protection Professionals exists to help children and families by supporting the professionals who work with them.
Do you work with children or young people who have suffered or are at risk of suffering abuse or neglect? Does your role include responsibility for safeguarding? Do you work to support families to reduce the risk of harm to children? Are you carrying out research in the field of child abuse or neglect? Then we are your professional membership organisation.

With backgrounds including social work, paediatrics, nursing, psychology, police, law, education, and research, among many others, our members and those we work with come from a wide range of disciplines. This multidisciplinary perspective, with the child and family at the centre, has been a key part of our purpose since 1979. We believe that bringing together different professionals to discuss issues and break down silos improves outcomes for children and families.

We help those who want to meet other like-minded professionals to share research, practice, and knowledge do just that. We also help students aiming for a career in child protection and organisations or professional bodies whose focus is related to child protection.

Our members work across the child protection system, often directly with vulnerable or neglected children, in front line safeguarding, and in challenging roles. The demands on these professionals are substantial and complex with constant changes in local and national policies, diminishing organisational budgets, and increasing caseloads. We believe there is substantial expertise to share, that expert voices from practice and research should inform policy, and that together we can make a positive difference.

Affiliate Scheme

We’ve been working hard to find new ways to give more value to our members, and we’re excited to tell you that this month sees the launch of our brand-new affiliate scheme!

As a valued member of the AoCPP we want to reward you for spreading the word about our organisation and our events, and so from now on, every time someone you recommend to us joins the Association or purchases one of our sessions, we’ll give you 20% of their total spend.

All you need to do to start earning commission is: 

  • Ensure that you are registered on our award-winning website by creating an account here

  • Once registered log in to your account and complete your profile details

  • Share your personalised link (it should look something like this - with your colleagues and network. 

Then just sit back and let us do the rest, and we’ll send you your commission at the end of each month. You can log in to your account at any time to see referrals you have made, the commission you have earnt, and what you've been paid.