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Why we are different
Ultimately, the AoCPP is very much a member-led organisation

There are a range of sector specific safeguarding membership organisations out there, all doing a brilliant job of supporting professionals. The AoCPP is different in that we are a multidisciplinary membership organisation offering support to all professionals, regardless of what arm of Child and Adult protection they work in.  We aim to bring together professionals from a multitude of agencies and roles promoting cross-agency learning and working.

The Contextual Safeguarding approach is very much at the heart of the AoCPP.  In developing a network of multi-agency professionals, we provide the ultimate opportunity for cross-agency relationships and partnerships to be fostered.  We provide the space to work together to look widely at the issues before us, investigating and understanding the context in which they sit, and using our knowledge of each other’s roles, responsibilities and expertise to deliver better outcomes for all those in need of protection.

Our Special Interest Groups, open to any of our AoCPP members, create a platform for sharing a richness of experience and knowledge across a range of areas. 

Of course, it’s not just about the professionals.  Here at the AoCPP we believe that at the centre of good practice development, should be the voice of those who have lived-experience.  We have strong alliances with survivors of not only abuse and neglect, but also the services and systems that they inevitably found themselves a part of. They provide valuable insight to practitioners, academics and policy-makers alike and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude as they work tirelessly to help us to improve the services across our field.

Ultimately, the AoCPP is very much a member-led organisation.  We want you to tell us what you want and need from us, whether that be by way of support, CPD, training, information, policy discussions or*****, let us know and we’ll do our best to deliver it!