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Consideration and Endorsement application form

Address of organisation

Name, email address, and qualifications of person applying for approval and of other researchers involved in the project.
(Please provide highest level of relevant qualification)

Applicant Name
Other Researchers
Email Address
(Please, for example, provide outline of the questionnaires or interview schedules, sample populations and any other relevant information here)
Research Ethics
Has your research project received ethical approval from a relevant Ethics Committee?

(Please note that the AoCPP cannot endorse a research project that has not already received ethical approval from a elevant Ethics Committee. Please attach proof of ethical approval below)

Max. file size: 400 MB.

Approval Reference

(e.g/ informed consent, anonymity, confidentiality).
If so, what particular precautions will you be taking to ensure the welfare of these individuals?
If fieldwork (interviews, group discussions etc) is to take place with children or vulnerable adults
(Please include funding sources and commissioners)
(Details of how participants will be identified and approached)

Outline how the proposed project meets the criteria for endorsement by the AoCPP Research Panel (below)

Please indicate if you wish to apply for consideration against the normal timeframe (i.e., decision and feedback within one calendar month) or the ‘FastTrack’ (i.e., decision and feedback within 7 calendar days) option.

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