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Discover upcoming events this month and throughout the forthcoming year.

Since the beginning of the pandemic we recognised the need to change the way we deliver events, that’s why we brought all of our events online with the view of reintroducing in-person events in summer 2022.

Lunch and Learn sessions provide a space for challenging, supportive and educated discussions about key topics of our members’ choice. At each meeting we bring academics, experts, practitioners and students along to facilitate discussion and learning with plenty of time to ask questions and share views. Held online.

Conferences typically combine leading keynote speakers and workshops, for delegates to gain a deeper understanding about the live topics and challenges within child protection and adult safeguarding. Where possible, we seek to bring you the perspectives of academics, practitioners and experts by experience. Our aim is that from summer 2022 our conference programme will be accessible to you both in person and online.

Masterclasses provide intermediate and advanced level small-group training on key topics within child protection and adult safeguarding.  Masterclasses are limited to 20 participants to enable personal guidance and in-depth discussion. Held online.

Special Interest Groups provide a forum for the exploration of professional curiosity into a single area of child protection or adult safeguarding. From Practice Case Reviews, to Children and Young People in Care and Care Experienced, we recognise our responsibility to explore the most challenging of subjects. Our aim here is to create a safe and professional space for child protection and adult safeguarding professionals to learn from each other and develop the knowledge and skills they need to deliver the highest level of service to those who need it.

Congress held triennially, provides an opportunity for professionals working in a range of disciplines across the UK and internationally, to share their latest research findings and to debate how families may be better supported and children and vulnerable adults kept safe. Congress is a dynamic time when practitioners, academics, trainers, and experts by experience come together to share ideas, learn, and reflect.


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