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Digital Safeguarding Special Interest Group Launch

A digital download of this Digital Safeguarding Special Interest Group Meeting. Digital Safeguarding Special Interest Group Launch - Dr Sarah...
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A digital download of this Digital Safeguarding Special Interest Group Meeting.

Digital Safeguarding Special Interest Group Launch - Dr Sarah Carlick

This launch of the first Digital Safeguarding SIG focuses primarily on Dr Carlick’s recent research across eight Local Authorities. The research interviews covered areas about digital safeguarding policy development; understanding of safeguarding digital co-design; digital initiatives during and after the covid-19 pandemic within children’s social care settings; embedding digital pathways within safeguarding and impact evaluation; digital self-referrals and implementation of digital safeguarding initiatives.   A core element of Digital Safeguarding is co-design with children and young people which will form part of the vision for this SIG along with the vision for moving this agenda forward.

Dr Sarah Carlick’s early career convinced her that the world of safeguarding could be changed and she has dedicated herself to doing so as a Safeguarding Expert, Tedx Speaker and a Digital Safeguarding Pioneer.

Sarah started her working life as a social worker and then a probation officer, gaining experience in the public, private and voluntary sectors in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

She is a Safeguarding Consultant specialising in Children Computer Interaction for children and young people to be equal partners in  the codesign for innovative digital safeguarding initiatives. She facilitates safe digital spaces for children and young peoples voices, ideas and experiences to be integrated within digital safeguarding initiatives. As well as acting as the bridge between children and young people to be equal partners in the conversations with organizations in digital developments.

Sarah currently undertakes coaching  and supervision for a range of senior managers, heads of safeguarding and safeguarding leads.

She is also the Director of an award-winning safeguarding training and consultancy company, The Athena Programme, since 2007.

Her experience is built on a rigorous academic background.  She has a diploma and degree and in Social Work from Lancaster University UK, an MA in Arts-Health from the University of Central Lancashire and a  PhD (also at Lancaster University).

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Video length: 53 minutes

Featuring: Dr Sarah Carlick, AoCPP staff and event delegates.

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Opportunity to network with others and know I am part of a community of people committed to working for children and families; challenge to keep up to date and evidence-informed in my practice; sounding board with others for considering how best to improve policy and practice

Professor Peter Sidebotham, Member of the National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel and Emeritus Professor of Child Health at Warwick University