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Intra-familial Child Sexual Abuse Learning Week - Female Sexual Abuse: understanding the nuances of this specific form of harm within the home setting

A digital download of a session from our Intra-familal Child Sexual Abuse learning week. For the public and professionals alike,...
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A digital download of a session from our Intra-familal Child Sexual Abuse learning week.

For the public and professionals alike, thinking about child sexual abuse can be challenging - especially when those concerns of abuse are within the home environment. That's why we've created this series on intra-familial child sexual abuse, to support professional response in this area.

In this session, Dr Michelle Cutland helps us understand the nuances of female sexual abuse within the home setting.

Marcella Leonard is Director of Leonard Consultancy and qualified as a social worker in 1989. Marcella has specialised in assessment and treatment in the fields of sexuality, sexual deviancy and trauma with both victims and perpetrators. Marcella co-ordinated the management of sex and violent offenders in Northern Ireland and has worked with several jurisdictions to establish their statutory management of sex and violent offenders. As Director of Leonard Consultancy, Marcella works internationally including Abu Dhabi, Gibraltar, Australia, New Zealand, Norway as well as throughout UK and Ireland. She delivers specialist safeguarding training to sports, criminal justice, religious, educational, social care, voluntary and statutory organisations which includes assessing and managing sexual and violent risk, consultancy, strategic and safeguarding policy development. She undertakes Case Management Reviews for organisations, training safeguarding officers and assisting organisations strategically and operationally to have robust safeguarding for children and adults at risk. Marcella’s practice, as a therapist with victims and survivors, is grounded in a trauma informed humanistic approach which is also embedded in her training and consultancy work.

Marcella has written several book chapters and co-authored articles in relevant professional journals and regularly provides expert opinion to media outlets as well as expert advisor to several documentaries for television productions. She is co-author of the AIM3 Adolescent Model of Assessment with Professor Simon Hackett and the CASP-R Ability to Protect and Supervise – Risk assessment model with Gareth Mc Gibbon. She is currently a panel member of the Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse redress scheme assisting in the analysis of the harm caused to people when they were children whilst resident in child care and criminal justice institutions. Marcella has been appointed as the lead social work panel member to review Historical Clerical Child Abuse throughout Northern Ireland on behalf of the Northern Ireland government. She is the Chair of the Commonwealth Games Federation Safeguarding Panel. Marcella has also been awarded NSPCC and Association of Child Protection Practitioners UK Child Protection Trainer of the Year 2019.

About the video

Video length: 77 minutes

Featuring: Marcella Leonard, AoCPP/CSA Centre staff and event delegates.

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Professor Peter Sidebotham, Member of the National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel and Emeritus Professor of Child Health at Warwick University