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Intra-familial Child Sexual Abuse Learning Week - Understanding sibling sexual abuse: introducing a new practice resource.

A digital download of a session from our Intra-familal Child Sexual Abuse learning week. For the public and professionals alike,...
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A digital download of a session from our Intra-familal Child Sexual Abuse learning week.

For the public and professionals alike, thinking about child sexual abuse can be challenging - especially when those concerns of abuse are within the home environment. That's why we've created this series on intra-familial child sexual abuse, to support professional response in this area.

In this session,  Stuart Allardyce provides a new resource to help us understand sibling sexual abuse.

Stuart Allardyce is the Director of Lucy Faithfull Foundation with responsibilities for Stop It Now! Scotland. Stuart qualified as a social worker in 1998, working for the next two decades with children and young people who have displayed harmful sexual behaviours as a practitioner, manager and trainer. Stuart is Currently vice chair of NOTA UK and Ireland (National Organisation for the Treatment of Abuse) and honorary researcher at Strathclyde University. He is a Trustee of White Ribbon Scotland and Associate at Centre for Youth And Criminal Justice. Stuart is also the Co-author of ‘Working with Children and Young People Who Have Displayed Harmful Sexual Behaviour’ (Dunedin Press, 2018) and ‘Sibling Sexual Abuse: A Knowledge and Practice Overview’ (Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse, 2021).


About the video

Video length: 82 minutes

Featuring: Stuart Allardyce, AoCPP/CSA Centre staff and event delegates.

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Professor Peter Sidebotham, Member of the National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel and Emeritus Professor of Child Health at Warwick University