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Learning From Domestic Homicide Reviews and Using Appreciative Inquiry in Safeguarding

A digital download of this Practice Learning Reviews Special Interest Group Meeting. Learning From Domestic Homicide Reviews and Using Appreciative...
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A digital download of this Practice Learning Reviews Special Interest Group Meeting.

Learning From Domestic Homicide Reviews and Using Appreciative Inquiry in Safeguarding - Rebecca Sage and Adrian Spanswick

The presentation is split into 2 parts.  The first half will be led by Rebecca Sage (NHS England) and focus on learning from Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHR’s) from a NHS Midlands Regional lens.

As an NHS Region Safeguarding Team, Rebecca's team reviews the systems DHR’s that are forwarded to them by the NHS National Safeguarding Team on a monthly basis.  This give them the opportunity to review DHR submissions from the 11 NHS Midlands Integrated Care Boards (previously CCG’s).  This experience has allowed Rebecca to review the learning and in this presentation Rebecca will share the key themes and compare these to the national leaning from DHR’s.  This will give you the opportunity to reflect on the themes and impact on change for practice from both an intra-agency and inter-agency perspective.

The  second half of the session will shift the focus of how we learn from a safeguarding perspective to the use of Appreciative Inquiry (AI), its congruency with Solution Focus and Action Learning approaches and how we can utilise AI proactively in our daily safeguarding work to change practice, using a safeguarding example to inform debate and discussion. This session will be led by Adrian Spanswick (NHS England/ AoCPP SIG Practice Learning SIG Chair/AoCPP Trustee).  Although both presenters are from the NHS the sessions will seek to debate and discuss from a safeguarding partnership perspective.

Rebecca Sage is Safeguarding Professional Lead at NHS England, Midlands. She qualified with a Batchelors Degree in Adult Nursing over 20 years ago, starting as a newly qualified nurse in Accident and Emergency. Rebecca’s interest in both health and wellbeing of babies, children, and families as well as safeguarding progressed to explore health from a wellbeing perspective, and she completed a Post graduate diploma in specialist Community Public health and qualified as a Health Visitor. Health visiting across various areas in the West Midlands enabled professional growth and experiences of health promotion, wellbeing, and safeguarding.

Utilising both Nursing and Health Visiting knowledge, skills and experiences inspired Rebecca’s move into a specialist role within safeguarding. As Nurse Practitioner for child death for the county, in collaboration with the Designated Doctor, Rebecca lead the statutory response for all child deaths across the system. Innovating and improving processes and services based on patient experience and feedback.  Rebecca’s passion in improving families experience in bereavement care and support for families as well as preventing future deaths Rebecca developed and implemented many initiates across the system, such as a multi-agency safer sleep training, multi-agency unintentional injuries training and other initiatives such as leading the implementation of parent education programme on Non-Accidental Head injury as well as ICON. Rebeca was proud to win the UHDB trust ‘Go for it fund’ and implemented a pop-up bereavement suite for the paediatric ward to provide a more positive and comfortable environment in the hospital at the end of life or after death.

Throughout Rebecca’s Nursing roles she has supervised and supported professionals in education, development and through times of distress. As such Rebecca has enhanced her expertise in supporting colleagues by completing the master’s module and qualifying as a Professional Nurse advocacy (PNA). As a PNA lead for safeguarding Rebecca is committed to continue to support the national vision in increasing PNAs in the region.

Adrian Spanswick is a Trustee of the AoCPP and Chair of the Practice Learning SIG Chair.  Adrian qualified as a Registered General Nurse (1987), Cardiothoracic Nurse (1989) and Registered Health Visitor (1992) and has worked both in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) and East Warwickshire. He has worked in the Safeguarding arena, initially as a Child Protection Nurse Specialist /Named Nurse for Child Protection and from 2004 -2020 as a  Consultant/Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Children (incorporating Adult Safeguarding into role from 2011). Adrian managed the Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and hosted Safeguarding Team (working across LLR).  As part of  role  worked with local safeguarding and has chaired a number of inter-agency subgroups, contributed and authored Serious Case Reviews, Adult Learning Reviews and a Domestic Homicide Review  Co-Chaired the LLR Channel Panel for 6 years and worked with partners as a CCG prevent lead.

He is Honorary Principal Lecturer at De Montfort University (1999- 2015) School of Nursing and Midwifery.  In April 2020 took on a new role and is currently Safeguarding Professional Lead for NHS England.  The Midlands NHSE/I safeguarding team covers both East and West Midlands. Adrian is also a Parent Governor of a local school in Leicester.

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Video length: 76 minutes

Featuring: Rebecca Sage, Adrian Spanswick, AoCPP staff and event delegates.

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