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Lunch and Learn | How to work with parents of children who express distress-fuelled violence

A digital download from this Lunch and Learn. Lunch and Learn | How to work with parents of children who...
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A digital download from this Lunch and Learn.

Lunch and Learn | How to work with parents of children who express distress-fuelled violence

Families in the UK who experience child-to-parent violence ubiquitously report a lack of understanding and support from the professionals around them, to the extent that interventions often make the situation worse. This session looks at the experience of families experiencing violence from their children and examines how professionals around them can offer support that is helpful, informed and non-judgemental despite the lack of systemic resources.

Carly Kingswood is a Attachment & Trauma Therapist, Consultant, Supervisor, Trainer, Author and DDP Practitioner. She lives and works in Southwest England. Since 2010 she has worked as a therapist with adopted and fostered children and their families, including kinship placements. She specialises in work on attachment and trauma. This work has included supporting and advising parents and carers in understanding the effects of trauma and attachment difficulties on their children, how to read the messages behind their children’s behaviour and help them find therapeutic, creative ways to respond. She is passionate about empowering parents and carers to connect with their children and regulate their emotional pain through the relationship they have with them. Carly also provides Therapeutic Life Story Work and trains other therapists in the model she uses. Carly is the co-author, along with Sally Donovan of, ‘The Unofficial Guide to Therapeutic Parenting Childhood Aggression and Violence’.

Carly was a foster carer for 10 years. She works as a consultant and trainer for an Ofsted Outstanding registered children’s residential provider. She provides supervision, group supervision and training for each home and member of staff.

Sally Ruston is the author of the adoption memoir No Matter What and The Unofficial Guide to Therapeutic ParentingTeens. Her latest work for children, The Strange and Curious Guide to Trauma, is part-popular science book, part-novel. Her most recent book The Unofficial Guide to Therapeutic Parenting for Childhood Aggression and Violence, a collaboration with therapist Carly Kingswood, was published last year.

She works in charity communications and in 2018 was awarded an OBE.

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Video length: 84 minutes

Featuring: Carly Kingswood, Sally Ruston,  AoCPP staff and event delegates.

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I think Child Abuse Review has gone from strength to strength and is of a consistently high standard. We have held numerous events that have been inspiring and enabling, such as the most recent Congresses and the Trainer's conference and award ceremony, the seminars to disseminate lessons from Serious Case Reviews. As resources get ever tighter, professionals have fewer and fewer opportunities to come together to exchange ideas and to learn together. We move more and more into silos because of work pressures. This is not the way to keep children safe. Association of Child Protection Professionals is needed to bring people concerned about child protection together to learn, to think, to shape policy and practice and to disseminate research. No-one else does this.

Enid Hendry, retired Social Work Consultant, Nottingham